August Goals

Since August is well and truly here - which is a bit frightening to be honest - I wanted to write down a little list of my aims and wishes for the new month. In a way A LOT has already happened this summer. The first half has mainly been focussed on one thing: graduating. Since I've pretty much finished that now (more on that later!), there is FINALLY some space to attempt to let my creative juices flow. The list is quite short and sweet, since I don't actually want to do that much this month. Relaxing, feeling happy and enjoying the last summer days!
Let's keep this good energy coming....

1. Thesis, thesis, thesis.
Literally on the first day of the new month, I was at the library printing out my thesis. I'm pretty much ready to hand it in and I can't even begin to describe how happy that makes me. The fact that I don't have to lie awake wondering about  seventeenth-century English literature, referencing or emailing my supervisor with numerous questions, thrills me to my core. Time for some fun, some down-time and a holiday, woohoo! I can't wait until it's properly handed in and I can feel that weight lifted off of my shoulders.

2. Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Edinburgh.
Since I've had quite the year already, with an unexpected move and all the costs that come with that, I didn't really want to spend all my savings on a summer holiday this year (plus I'm trying to save for something even more exciting...). However, I did book a four-day trip away to Edinburgh with two of my favourite girlfriends. I can't wait to catch that aeroplane to just to go away for a little bit, enjoy the culture and the company, and to not have a care in the world. Let me know if you've ever been and have some tips!

3. Unwind, unwind, unwind.
Literally something I've not been able to this past year (I wish I was exaggerating!). The fact that I'm typing up this blogpost already says enough: I finally have some time and space for my own creativity, and I love it! I really wish I could be a bit more regular with the blog but it's just been quite hard with such a demanding, large uni project. Hopefully it will go onwards and upwards from here. Other than the blog, though, I'm going to attempt to read a few books, perhaps try my hand at some DIY projects, watch a ton of Call the Midwife and catch up on some much needed sleep, ha!

4. Discover, discover, discover.
I always feel like with such time-consuming projects as theses - or just an MA degree in general (!) - I lose myself a little bit. You are literally being soaked up by all the sources, texts, typing, early-library-mornings and Word documents. Since August is such a transitional month for me, from going to uni and typing away in the library to starting my internship in September and being busy for five days a week (including my other work), I really want to focus on ME these four/five weeks. I have some travel plans for next year I would like to dive deeper into, I want to get back into yoga again, and I want to try and figure out where I stand with my short-term future. I mean, in January I'm a free woman, graduated and all (if everything goes to plan!), finished with my internship and ready to head into the real world. But where am I headed exactly? I would like to give that some more thought this month, if only for the exciting dreams and goals I can set myself for the upcoming autumn and winter. But first... hello August!

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