Welcome to LNTHW, a personal blog by Leneth. That's me!

I'm a 22-year-old Dutch girl. I graduated in English literature and culture in January 2016, and started this September with my MA in Book and Digital Media Studies. Exciting times!

I decided to start this blog in the beginning of 2014, mainly to share my passion for fashion and style.
For me, 2014 was a year of many new experiences. I lived in Canada for 4 months for my studies, I moved three times because of it and I got to know myself on a whole new level. This resulted in a renewed interest of creative writing. I love to express myself in words - sometimes in poetry, other times in prose.

My blog is constantly evolving and changing to match my interest and enthusiasm about life. I am still very passionate about style and I very much enjoy to share this. The most exciting thing for me is to alternate this with personal thoughts, cooking and baking, and my love for interior design.

My little place on the internet - which I absolutely cannot describe in one word. I hope I can inspire you on multiple levels and that you enjoy reading whatever comes to my mind. Don't hesitate to leave a comment, shoot me a question or send me an email. What I love most about blogging, is the community I am a small part of!

Love, Leneth